Residence Life Staff


Tyler Davis
Assistant Dean of Campus Life
Office: Russell West, First Floor, 
Phone: 843-863-5505 
Michelle Ard
Administrative Assistant
Office: Russell West, First Floor
Phone: 843-863-7104


Josh Christmas
Underclassmen Males, Maintenance
Quad 2, Room 104
Quad 1 & Russell West 3rd Floor
Phone: 843-863-7700

Chris Dease
Upperclassmen Males
Quad 2, Quad 3
Quad 2, Room 104
Phone: 843-863-7700

Julie Alimpich
Upperclassmen Women
Women’s South, Russell West, Wingate
Russell West, 2nd Floor
Phone: 843-863-7429

Casey Bolduc
Freshmen Women
Russell East
Russell East, 2nd Floor
Phone: 843-863-7196

Jessica Sackrider
Freshmen & Transfer Women
Women’s North
Russell East, Room 322
Phone: 843-863-7774


Residence Life Handbook

If you're a Charleston Southern University student living on campus you need to know the residence life policies and procedures.



Forms and Services

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