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Janet Mims

Vice President for Finance
Strom Thurmond Center, Second Floor
Phone: 843-863-8002
Fax: 843-863-8074

Janet Mims


Janet Mims came to Charleston Southern University in 1992 as the assistant director of financial services. In 1995, she became the director of financial services and was promoted to associate vice president for business affairs in 2009.

She earned her bachelor of arts degree in religion from Charleston Southern University in 1982. In addition to coursework in her major, Mims completed 30 credit hours in accounting and was licensed in the state of South Carolina as a Certified Public Accountant in 1991. Prior to her employment at Charleston Southern, she worked at a CPA firm in Charleston where her responsibilities included audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements, as well as personal and corporate tax return preparation. She is a graduate of the SACUBO College Business Management Institute.

Mims shares responsibility with the vice president for business affairs in the broad areas of business affairs and athletics, with specific emphasis on financial management/services, operational and capital budgeting, business operations, risk management, human resources, payroll, procurement, and endowment management. As a member of the Presidential Cabinet she provides insight concerning financial matters affecting the university.


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