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Campus kicks off Inauguration Week

Marketing & Communication // 10.29.18

Noel Tredinnick at the Inauguration ConcertEvents leading up to the Inauguration of CSU’s 3rd president, Dr. Dondi Costin, included a Concert and Prayer Service on Sunday, Oct. 29.

Dr. John Kuykendall, professor of history, prayed for the Costins and used Psalm 121 in his prayer. He prayed the Costins would never forget to look to the Lord, their helper, in their ministry to the CSU community.

Kathryn Perea, a senior music and worship leadership major, prayed the employees and students would have humility and soft hearts and would be hearers and doers of God’s word.

The Horton School of Music’s concert featured some of Dr. and Mrs. Costin’s favorite songs. Dr. Noel Tredinnick, a professor of conducting and academic studies at London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama and organist and director of music at All Souls Church Langham Place, was guest conductor. He has been a guest lecturer at CSU for the past week and will be a delegate in the Inauguration ceremony.

For the full schedule of Inauguration events, click here.