Welcome to the Bridge Program!

The Bridge Program is Charleston Southern’s comprehensive, intensive developmental program. The Bridge Program is guided by the mission:

  1. To help students gain access to one of the baccalaureate programs and,
  2. To equip them with the knowledge, the skills and the resources necessary to successfully earn a degree.

The components of our program — advising, tutoring, attendance — are based on national best practices and Charleston Southern’s history of academically successful programs.

This program offers an opportunity for admission for students who do not meet the requirements for regular admission.

Students are admitted into the Bridge Program in one of the following ways:

  • Bridge English student requires English 099 and GNED 107
  • Bridge Math student requires Math 099 and GNED 107
  • Bridge Full student requires English 099, Math 099 and GNED 107

Charleston Southern University offers Summer Bridge Academy during the second summer session. For more information, contact CSU’s enrollment services office.

Course Descriptions


Prerequisites: Admission to CSU through the Bridge program (a Math score below 490 on the redesigned SAT or below 19 on the ACT) or appropriate score on the Mathematics Placement Exam. A course in basic algebra skills for students who are deemed at risk in the area of Mathematics. Topics include properties of the real numbers; fundamental operations with linear expressions, solutions of linear equations and inequalities; operations on polynomial expressions, including polynomial division; graphing linear equations on the Cartesian Coordinate system; functions; factoring of quadratic and other polynomial expressions; solving quadratic equations; operations on rational and radical expressions; solving rational and radical equations. Course is required of students accepted into the Bridge Program. Class meets 4 lecture hours and a (minimum of one) 30-minute individual tutoring appointment every week. Students must pass the course with a C or better before matriculating from the Bridge Program and/or to any other Mathematics course. Students receive institutional credit only.


Prerequisite: Admission to CSU through the Bridge Program (an Evidence-Based Reading & Writing score below 530 on the redesigned SAT or an English score below 19 on the ACT), or appropriate score on the English Placement Exam. For students who are deemed at risk in these areas of English, the course concentrates on development of practical writing skills, focusing on the writing process in development of essays, understanding of rhetorical strategies and conventions of grammar and usage. This course emphasizes college level composition and is intended to facilitate transition into English 111. Minimum grade of C or better before matriculating from the Bridge Program and/or to any other English course. Students receive institutional credit only.


Prerequisite: Required for all Bridge students. A course designed to develop the complex reading and study skills essential for successful participation in university curriculum. Focuses on content area reading and study strategies, reading and critical thinking skills. A focus on the nature of learning and the individuals responsibility to learn. General elective credit.