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Alumni Recognition

The CSU Alumni Association presents six awards that recognize outstanding alumni and their achievements. Nominations for these awards are accepted throughout the year from several sources including: alumni, the Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and friends of the university. Each year the Nominations and Awards Committee handles the award selections. Each winner is notified by a member of the committee, and awards are presented at either Homecoming Weekend or Graduation weekend.

Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

This is the most prestigious award given by the Alumni Association and is the hallmark of an alumnus who strives for excellence in all endeavors. It honors the person who has distinguished him or herself in three areas: service to the university, service to the community and achievement in his or her field of endeavor.

Outstanding Young Alumnus of the Year

This award is designed to recognize an alumnus under the age of 30 who has been successful within his or her field of endeavor and shows exceptional promise of future achievement.

Alumnus Community Service Award

Many of CSU's programs are directed toward community service, and our students embrace the opportunities to serve Him through volunteer work. This award honors an alumnus who goes above-and-beyond the expectations of a community, church or nonprofit group and recognizes his or her personal sacrifice and exceptional volunteer service to a charitable organization.

University Mission Award

Charleston Southern University's mission is promoting academic excellence in a Christian environment, and this award will go to the outstanding alumnus who exhibits the ideals and ethics of CSU.

Alumnus Service Award

Alumni who stay connected, volunteer and participate in association activities are eligible for this award. The Board wishes to honor and recognize an alumnus who has given outstanding service to the University and the Alumni Association or other alumni activity.

Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

Our faculty's greatest wish is for students to graduate and be successful in their field of study. This award honors an alumnus who reflects honor on the university for exceptional achievement in his or her field of endeavor.

Military Service Award

The Military Service Award recognizes an alumnus who is serving or has served in the military and brings distinction in their area of service to our country and in turn brings distinction to our university.


Do you know a CSU graduate who is deserving of an alumnus award? Submit award and board nominations to the form below.

Please include the nominees name, phone number, email address and a short explanation of why you believe he/she should be recognition.