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College of Science and Math


The mission of the Department of Physical Sciences is to unify an excellence in chemistry with a love for God and respect for his creation.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

You'll study a wide range of subjects including genetics, microbiology,  and biology on both the cellular and the molecular levels, so you'll be equipped for a career in bio-medical research, molecular biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, genetics, research or one of many other options.  

Careers in Biochemistry

Our students are equipped to further study in graduate programs and positions in biotechnology industry, forensics, medical research, pharmaceutical and chemical companies and more.

  • Biochemist 
  • Biomedical Researcher 
  • Biotechnologist 
  • Cellular Physiologist 
  • Geneticist 
  • Immunologist 
  • Research Scientist

Explore Courses in Biochemistry

BIOL 161 - Foundations of Biology I

The first part of a two-semester sequence, this comprehensive course will introduce biological principles at the molecular and cellular levels.  Topics include: cell and molecular biology, metabolism, genetics and evolutionary processes. Lecture 3 hours. This course is designed to meet the requirements for Biology, Biochemistry and Computer Science majors and minors and preprofessional emphases including premedicine and predentistry.  

BIOL 220 - Microbiology 

Morphological, cultural and physiological properties of bacteria and related organisms are studied. Emphasis is placed on micro-organisms which relate to normal and pathological conditions in man and his environment. 

BIOL 380 - Genetics 

An in-depth study of the principles of classical Mendelian and other modes of inheritance, and of molecular biology, recombinant DNA and genetic engineering.  

CHEM 311 - Biochemistry I

A detailed study of the composition, structure and chemistry of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids within biological systems and the clinical consequences resulting from mutations in these molecules. Laboratory will be centered around isolation, purification, quantification and the kinetics of these molecules.