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Arts month here at CSU

By Zanelle Willemse | April 3, 2023

There are various forms of art that play a big part of our everyday lives without even realizing it. Unfortunately, art tends to go unnoticed unless it’s displayed in some way. There can also be some obstacles that prevent people from attending art galleries or any presentation of other forms of art, such as music and theatre. CSU strives to offer its students the stress-free opportunity to indulge in various forms of art right here on campus, for free! 

Daniel Taylor with the university’s Marketing and Communication office offered some insight to the event so that students have a clear understanding of how to attend and what to expect from the event. 

“Arts Month will include several events that represent CSU’s theatre, graphic design, and musical programs. A few of these events include: a theatrical sword fighting lesson, a Chalk Walk, and a small art gallery in which students, staff, and alumni work will be accepted. As far as engagement opportunities, the goal is to have as many students take part in these activities as possible and in the process, hopefully spark an interest for creativity and maybe even inspire some students to consider taking some of CSU’s creative classes,” said Taylor. 

When asked about his views on why arts are important for everyday life and how the different forms of arts are used and presented in everyday life, Taylor said, “I believe that art, in several different forms, is a sometimes unnoticed staple of everyday life. It’s a foundational part of everything from marketing and entertainment, to communication and expression. We may not recognize the importance of art because of just how much we are exposed to it, but when we really stop to think about the many ways we see art being used every day, it’s hard to imagine what things would look like without it. Art is a tool that can express the invisible in a tangible way.” 

Arts month will take place all around campus, each event having a different location, with the different events spread out on different days throughout the month. If you have any questions on ARTS month, or would even want to be involved in any way or display some of your personal artwork, reach out to either of these CSU art professors: 

  • Andrea Glover 
  • Thomas Keating 
  • Jennifer Luiken 

In the past, Arts Month used to be just a week, but in order to increase student participation and engagement and to allow for more events and displays to take place, arts month is being spread out on different days throughout the whole month this year. This will allow students to attend as many events as possible without worrying about missing certain events and displays due to an overlap.

Zanelle Willemse is a senior communication major and is a spring 2023 intern with the Office of Marketing & Communication.

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