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College Democrats at Charleston Southern

By Hunter Gatling | March 23, 2023

The United States political climate is as polarizing of a subject as it has been since the inception of our country. Politics are no longer reserved for the boomer generation, either. With the rise of social media and the accessibility of information, politics are influencing and reaching the youth more than ever. This is especially true at Charleston Southern University, where a group of students has established the College Democrats. These students are not only influenced by the Democratic Party, but they are getting heavily involved within the community at the state level.  

The CSU College Democrats begin with Samuel C. Grant, a political science major and cCriminal jJustice minor, class of 2025. Grant is not only heavily involved in the College Democrats program on the state-wide level as the Interim President of the State Federation of the College Democrats, but he revived the College Democrats program at CSU. “Immediately when I arrived my freshman year, I knew I wanted to contribute to that amazing legacy and help to build up the next generation of political leaders by bringing back the CSU College Democrats,” he said. College Democrats are comprised of college students, but by no means is limited to college students exclusively. Through this program, students can network and make connections with previous members of the program who are associated with multiple modalities, including the Democratic Party.  

A devout Christian university, CSU has many students and alumni that tend to lean on the right side of the political aisle. With a large portion of both students and alumni that align with one political party or belief, it can be daunting or overwhelming for students who have differing political beliefs.  

With 10 active members at CSU, Grant hopes the College Democrats program will provide a comforting and reassuring avenue for students with left-leaning beliefs. “I would like students at CSU to know that you do not have to be a Democrat to join us. We are a very politically diverse body, and the majority of our members are actually independents. Our purpose is simply to represent the Democratic or left point of view on campus and raise further awareness among the student body about the political process as a whole and current political issues,”he said.  

With so much division, turmoil, and even confusion, it is important that college students educate themselves on current politics and be in the know when it comes to the topics that involve everyone. The College Democrats program is doing just that. Collegians inspiring other students goes beyond pop culture, and getting involved in politics is just another indication that CSU is preparing students for life beyond academia.  

College Democrats at CSU have an Instagram page that can be found @collegedemscsu. Here, students can stay current and get updates about upcoming events. 

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