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The internship program allows students to get supervised work experience and the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the business world. Internships allow students to earn academic credit and explore career choices. Internship experiences add to students' resumes and can often lead to employment after graduation. Because of CSU's location, students have access to internships in a broad array of industries, companies, and nonprofit organizations.

The College of Business has approximately 20 academic internship opportunities each year. Internships are offered to qualified students on a competitive basis. Students who are interested and qualify should make application as outlined below:

1. Are you at least a junior academically? That is, have you earned sixty-one (61) or more academic credit hours?

2. Do you have at least a 2.75 grade point average?

If you answered YES* to both questions, then contact Mark Crawford in the College of Business for an Internship Information Packet or read and download here:

Application for an academic internship

Complete the application and return it along with a resume and a short letter stating why you want an academic internship to Mark Crawford in Jones Hall.

You will be contacted regarding your application by the College of Business Internship Committee. The committee will match students with internship opportunities on a competitive basis to best meet the needs of employers and interns. Among the factors to be considered are: (1) grade point average, (2) credit hours earned, (3) major, (4) emphasis, (5) minor, (6) specific courses completed and (7) presentation skills.

If recommended by the College of Business Internship Committee, the student will then be interviewed by the internship sponsor where the final selection decision will be made.

NOTE: Internships can count for a maximum of 6 credit hours: Three in your emphasis (except accounting and information systems) or minor and three in general electives.

* If you answered NO to either or both questions then you might wish to contact the Career Services office (863-8020) about nonacademic internship opportunities. Nonacademic internships provide work experience which could be valuable in career planning but no academic credit.