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Choosing a Major

Step 1
Know Yourself: How do your interests, abilities, skills and values relate to the career or major? Your personality will have a major impact on what careers you succeed in and find rewarding. This step is often overlooked but is very important in the decision-making process.


Step 2
Understand the World of Work: What occupations are actually out there? How do they relate to your major? With more than 22,000 job titles in the United States alone, it is difficult to answer this question without gathering some information. Many individuals have embarked on satisfying career paths they never would have known existed unless they did some research.


Step 3
Evaluate Your Information: Now what do you do with the information you have gathered from the first two steps? How did the occupations you looked into relate to skills and interest? Which career areas continue to interest you? As you answer these questions, you can start to concentrate on a few areas.


Step 4
Check It Out: How will you really know if you will like a certain career? It's time to check it out. Take classes in areas of interest. Talk to professionals in those fields. Get some kind of related experience, such as an internship, summer job, part-time job or volunteer position.