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Humbled by the Himalayas: Dr. Don Lauer ’21 climbs Everest with son

What most would only dream of doing, three-time alumnus and adventurer Don Lauer has likely achieved it. When his son Matthew was only 8 years old, Lauer made a promise he intended to keep. “We free climbed a mountain peak about 1,000-feet high, and I was explaining to him some of the mountain structures. I […]

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Alumni: Diana Saillant ’06

Diana Saillant is CEO of Saillant Language Consulting which offers the Healthcare Interpreter Training course at CSU. Three cohorts have completed the course, and many participants have gone on to complete national certification. Diana is the founder and president of the Hispanic Business Association of Charleston. She has three daughters, five grandchildren, and is happily married.   Creating Saillant Language Consulting   I always wanted […]

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Alumni Q&A: Karriema Calhoun `11

Karriema Calhoun `11 is a senior versatile technologist working in information technology at Boeing. Her primary responsibilities include looking for opportunities to save money and drive reduction in various IT services and functions, as well as developing communication messages and marketing campaigns to spread awareness of these opportunities and how employees can contribute to success […]

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Overcoming obstacles on the way to an MBA

Antwione McKinney earned his MBA with a management information systems emphasis in 2018. He’s grateful for the opportunity, but nothing about earning his master’s degree was easy. McKinney has worked in the IT field for nearly two decades and currently is the director of technology for a private academy in the Mount Pleasant area. He […]

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