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Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Carol Drowota

Dr. Carol Jean Drowota, Professor of English and Chairperson of the department, feels right at home at Charleston Southern, since she is originally from Charleston and received her Bachelor of Arts from The College of Charleston. She earned her master's degree from Duke University, with a major in Twentieth-century English Literature and a minor in Comparative Literature. While at Duke, she did a research study on two versions of William Butler Yeats A Vision. She earned her doctorate from the University of South Carolina with a major in Post-1660 English Literature, and a minor in Pre-1660 English Literature. Her dissertation was Drydens Plays on the Eighteenth-Century Stage. 

Before coming to Charleston Southern in 1976, Dr. Drowota taught at R.B. Stall High School, the High School of Charleston, Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, Columbia College, and the University of South Carolina. She wanted to come to Charleston Southern because a position in English was available and someone with her qualifications was needed. After her father died, she wanted to come home to be with her mother, who was aging and needed assistance. 

In literature classes, Dr. Drowota has found the most successful techniques to be daily quizzes on reading assignments, and allowing students to set discussion at the beginning of classes with passages that concern or puzzle them, and then working toward a knowledge she feels they should have. She also supplements works with videos, audio tapes, pictures, and articles from the newspaper or magazines and journals. In composition and literature classes, she brings to class objects found in essays or works of literature that are unfamiliar to students, such as different foods (buttermilk pie, horehound candy, macaroons) or a Grecian urn. 

Dr. Drowota believes her teaching excellence results from a combination of factors. When I am excited by and enthusiastic about new or old material or when students are excited and enthusiastic, my teaching is excellent. When the light goes on in the classroom or later in life, my teaching is excellent. When weak or good students achieve success or accomplish their goals, my teaching is excellent, she says. She delights in seeing students use their knowledge overseas or take some knowledge from her classes into their personal or professional lives. This inspires her, as well as sessions or conversations with colleagues from CSU or with professors from other colleges about successful teaching. 

I love cats, but most of my students already know that, she says. She also loves sports and sometimes gets addicted to watching basketball and football games during tournaments. She enjoys watching baseball, soccer, and softball games, track events, tennis matches, swimming meets, and Olympic games. Dr. Drowota likes to walk and get outdoors, and she regularly participates in the Cooper River Bridge Walk and charity walks. She collects small, interesting decorative cats and owls, and she plays the piano. She also used to play the organ and, in concert and marching band, the oboe and glockenspiel, respectively. As another interest, Dr. Drowota enjoys attending plays and concerts.