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Excellence in Teaching

Ms. Dolores Jones

Professor Dolores Jones is originally from Gastonia, North Carolina. The Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre earned her undergraduate degree in English from Duke University and then attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she completed her masters degree in Communication with a major in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures and a minor in Theatre. Miss Jones wanted to pursue a career that involved communication, and her first radio/television course at UNC peaked her interest in in that field. After graduation, she worked on her family's newspaper doing public relations. Interestingly, Miss Jones first became aware of Charleston Southern University, then Baptist College, through an article she read in a Baptist publication about Dr. Hamrick, the school's first president. "I knew I wanted to be a part of this institution," Miss Jones says. 

Miss Jones came to CSU in 1967 and has been teaching here ever since. Although she admits that she simply loves Charleston, Miss Jones states that she has remained at CSU these many years because of "the sense of feeling that the mission of the school is important and that I'm helping to build the school." Miss Jones regards the time she has spent at CSU not only as an investment of her time and energy, but as an emotional investment as well. 

Because most of her classes require students to stand up and speak, Miss Jones strives to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the classroom that encourages students to do their best. In addition, Miss Jones uses several fun techniques to supplement her teaching. The Radio/TV classes take field trips to various radio and television stations. In Interpersonal Communications, Miss Jones uses role playing as a major teaching tool. Miss Jones also arranges for students from her Interpretive Reading class to go into the public schools to give readings. 

Miss Jones humbly deflects praise of her teaching abilities, citing the inspiration of others as her primary motivation to be an excellent teacher. "I keep getting out there and trying," she says, giving special credit to her mother for setting a great example, her peers at Duke and current colleagues for sharing advice, and her father, who not only gave her advice, but also helped Miss Jones by being a guest lecturer in her Radio/TV and Mass Media classes. Miss Jones proudly boasts, however, that many of her former students have landed such jobs as anchor, meteorologist, disc jockey, director of marketing, sports information director, general sales manager of a major radio station, movie production assistant, and executive producer of news at a CBS owned and operated station in a major market. "I care about what becomes of my students," she says. 

Miss Jones has many hobbies and interests outside of the classroom. She loves to read and attends concerts and plays whenever possible. One of her favorite things to do is to volunteer as an usher for the annual Spoleto Festival, which she views as a sort of "working vacation" because it gives her the opportunity to attend many of the events. Miss Jones also loves going to the beach and gardening, red tulips in particular. She enjoys visiting Low Country gardens and historic sites in her free time.