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Excellence in Teaching

Dr. David Naylor

CSUDr. David Naylor is originally from Ohio, where he received his Bachelor of Arts from the Ohio State University, his Masters from Cleveland State University, and his doctorate from the University of Akron. Before coming to CSU in 1988, Dr. Naylor taught at the University of Akron, Wayland Baptist University in Texas, and Tri County Technical College in Anderson, SC. Dr. Naylor now serves as Professor of Sociology and the Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department. 

Along with his love of Charleston, the desire to teach at a small, Christian, liberal arts college in the South led Dr. Naylor to accept a job at Charleston Southern. When he arrived, the friendliness of the people made him feel right at home. 

Dr. Naylor uses several teaching techniques in the classroom he has found successful. One is learning groups. Students are assigned to groups at the beginning of the semester, and a leader is chosen for the group to serve as guide. While he has found this method does not work for all classes, it is effective in several. 

Dr. Naylor is introducing learning with video, multimedia and portfolio presentations in his classes. In the Homeless Experience class, Dr. Naylor takes the students to the homeless shelter where they work with the people there and then process their experiences in class. 

Dr. Naylor attributes his teaching excellence to his love of the subject. He feels that when a professor knows the subject matter, and enjoys teaching it, he/she learns to adapt to fit how the students learn. Teaching is an art form that has to be practiced and continually refreshed. Ive never taught the same class the same way twice, he says. You just go up there and do it. You find what you love to do, and I have the privilege of doing just that. He finds people and society interesting, and it fascinates him to learn what make it all tick. 

Dr. Naylor has several interests besides society and teaching. They include boating, gardening, home renovating, and movie-going.