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Excellence in Teaching

Mr. Maxwell Rollins

CSUProfessor Rollins began his career in teaching at Charleston Southern University as an adjunct professor for the College of Business in 1991. He became a full-time Mathematics instructor in 1993 for the College of Business. In 1994 he transferred to the Mathematics department and was promoted to Assistant Professor this year. He holds an M.B.A. from Charleston Southern University, an M.A. Ed. in Mathematics from The Citadel, and a B.S., Mathematics/Economics from the College of Charleston.

Professor Rollins admits that it was not always his desire to teach. One of the biggest influences on his career decision was his stint in the Navy. Although he admits to not liking certain aspects of Navy life (being cooped up in a submarine for months), he acknowledges that part of the experience was influential in later deciding to become an instructor. For two of his six years in the Navy he was a Nuclear Propulsion Plant Instructor. After earning his B.S. in Applied Mathematics in Economics, he decided to teach. Although he had not intended on using this degree for that purpose, he realized that teaching is what he really wanted to pursue.

When asked, "What do you think contributes to your teaching excellence," he stated that he is a strict believer in motivation, which can be seen by the way he motivates his students into learning any of the math courses he teaches. He presumes that if the professor teaches in a way that arouses a student's curiosity about a subject, the ultimate result will be the student's ability to grasp the subject. Professor Rollins has been a disc jockey for over 20 years. He owns his own disc jockey business, Jay Maxwell's Music by Request. While many people strive to search for one career they enjoy, he loves both his jobs. He hopes to always teach, because it affords him the opportunity to develop students' abilities and to receive a tremendous sense of accomplishment in his life.