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Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Pamela Peek

csuDr. Pamela Peek has been a member of the CSU family since 1987 when she was a Visiting Professor working on her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. She completed her undergraduate work at the University of South Carolina, with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. Involvement with the Future Teachers of America, helping other tutors, and feeling a desire to make a difference in the classroom led her to pursue a Masters degree in Spanish. It was during her Teaching Assistantship at USC that she realized she loved teaching at the college level. 

Dr. Peeks love for teaching, the Spanish language, and Spanish literature can be seen in every class she teaches. Having the opportunity to know each student on a personal basis enhances the learning environment established in the classroom, and also makes the students feel more comfortable, which leads to them being more willing to participate in class. Whether its in student conferences, interviews in Spanish, or tutoring, she strives to challenge students to learn and develop their language skills. 

Each summer, Dr. Peek takes students to Spain on CSUs Study Abroad Program. This is a very intense four-week language and culture class in Salamanca, a historic pre-Roman city, the site of the second oldest university in Europe. The students board with Spanish families, which immerses them in the Spanish language and culture. It also provides them with a good environment in which to gain experience firsthand, since most of the families do not speak English. During the week, the students have daily classes in conversation, grammar, composition, and culture with Dr. Peek and native Spanish instructors. On Saturdays, she and the students make trips to other cities, visiting museums, churches, and notable historic sites. They worship together on Sundays, after which the students are free to pursue their own activities in Salamanca. 

But Dr. Peek is good at more than just Spanish. She also enjoys writing stories and poetry, and playing the autoharp, organ, and handbells.