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Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Amy Nolan 

CSUThe Faculty at Charleston Southern selected Dr. Amy Nolan as the recipient of the 2004 Excellence in Teaching Award. 

Dr. Nolan was employed full-time by Charleston Southern University in the Fall of 2000 Dr. Nolans education consists of an undergraduate degree in Biology from Charleston Southern University. She then went to The Medical University of South Carolina and earned a Doctorate degree in Cell Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 

After school Dr. Nolan was employed by The Medical University of South Carolina. While at The Medical University of South Carolina she studied the effects an individuals diet on Breast Cancer. 

Dr. Nolan enjoyed her work at The Medical University of South Carolina decided to come to work at Charleston Southern University to fulfill her desire to teach. Her teaching philosophy is to make her classes an open environment where students feel free to ask questions. She believes this makes her lectures more informative and flow smoothly. Dr. Nolans goals when preparing her lectures is to make each lecture as interesting and organized as possible. She likes to incorporate technology and small group critical thinking exercises into her classes. The people who influenced Dr. Nolans teaching style were the professors she had while she was a student at Charleston Southern University. 

Aside from her job as a professor at Charleston Southern University, Dr. Nolan has two children. Who she enjoys playing with. 

It is easy to understand the reasons that Dr. Nolan was selected as 2004 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award. Charleston Southern and her students are fortunate to have her.