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Excellence in Teaching

professor alan fix

Professor Alan FixProfessor Alan Fix began teaching at CSU in the fall semester of 2008. Professor Fix earned his B.A. from Indiana University and his M.A. from Boston University; both of his degrees are in Criminal Justice. Prior to joining the faculty at CSU, for twenty-nine years, Professor Fix worked for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources where he was a State Conservation Officer. Always with the hope of becoming a teacher in mind, Professor Fix spent several years in school. He pursued his undergraduate degree at the age of eighteen and completed it at the age of forty-five. Knowing that he wanted to teach at the college level, he then pursued his M.A from the age of forty-five to fifty-two. He spent these years of school, work, and life in prayer for a chance to teach. Professor Fix says that the opportunity to teach at CSU “was a dream, blessing, and prayer come true.”

In his Criminal Justice courses, Professor Fix finds the “getting dirty” technique to be both helpful and unique. He always attempts to bring real world experiences to his students. He designs his courses so that students “not only learn, but feel.” Professor Fix’s students learn from invited guest speakers, they process a crime scene in his CSI course, and they volunteer for active shooter training at the Charleston Coliseum. Professor Fix explains that his teaching style is “simple,” and, simply put, Professor Fix says that his students are “his kids.”

Professor Fix concludes that it’s the relationships that he builds with his students that contribute to his recognized teaching excellence. His relationships with students are built upon ways he worries about them, corrects them, encourages them, and helps them in any way that he can. Professor Fix prays for his students, he attends police academy graduations, military commissioning, weddings, and sometimes parents’ funerals. He visits his students in hospitals and assists each of them with their earthly problems and spiritual needs.

According to Professor Fix, his hobbies have always been to work and to become more educated. He has pursued his education throughout his career in hopes of becoming a better person. This continuous pursuit of education has provided him with opportunities to share the knowledge he has gained with others. He is certified in a wide range of areas from Forensics through Drug Recognition, from Interview and Interrogation, to Firearms Expert and Environmental Crimes Investigator. He insists that these certifications have allowed him to continue one of his first loves, that of teaching. He has taught at elementary schools, colleges, and at Police Academies.

His students would be interested to learn, and perhaps inspired to know, about all the family time he gave up and the scheduling nightmares he faced while trying to jostle work and school.

Professor Fix’s students may not know the sacrifices he made to pursue an education, about his dream to teach, and about his calling to share his knowledge with others. While pursuing his education, he worked a full-time job at 42.5 hours a week, two half-time jobs of 20 (+) hours each week, and several part-time jobs at 12 to 14 hours per week. He worked seven days a week, anytime of the day, and some years he had only two or three days off. He did all of this while going to college and taking one or two classes at a time. Professor Fix maintains that “his kids” who insist that they did not have time to finish their homework “have no idea who they are talking to.”

All in all, Professor Fix is living a dream based on years of prayer. He exudes thankfulness for his appointment to the faculty at CSU, given that he never thought to specifically ask God to grant his request for a teaching opportunity at a Christian university. In addition to his thankfulness for his dream job, Professor Fix says, “On top of everything else, I’m working in Charleston, South Carolina, where there is no lake effect snow.”