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Computer Science

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Are you looking for a great career? Develop your future with a bachelor's degree in computer science or information systems from Charleston Southern. We offer:

Class Offerings: We offer a variety of classes day, night, and online to accommodate students' outside schedules.  We are also flexible and rearrange our classes as much as possible to ensure students graduate on time. Summer courses are offered based on current demand.

Our Unique Environment

The mission of the Computer Science department at Charleston Southern University is to incubate technically excellent, highly ethical, can-do computer professionals who will learn, lead and serve from a Christian worldview. CSU focuses on the unchanging fundamentals of computer science and emphasize Christian character and ethical behavior.

Specifically we strive to empower each graduate with the ability to reason and problem solve; to program proficiently in at least one programming language; to understand the theoretical underpinnings of Computing Science and to leverage that understanding in the solution of significant problems in the computing sciences, especially in programming, networking and system administration; to effectively communicate in oral and/or written forms; and to evaluate and articulate the ethical and social issues encountered in the profession from a Christian worldview.

Over-the-shoulder Teaching

Involved students learn best. Consequently, most courses are taught in the lab with each student fully engaged with the computer while the subject is being taught. The CSU faculty typically coach over-the-shoulder as opposed to delivering only standard lectures. This teaching method gives our graduates an edge in the workplace.

Small Class Size

Computer classes do not exceed 24 students per class and are usually smaller.

Emphasis on Teamwork

Teamwork is critical to success in the information technology workplace. For this reason, our courses stress teamwork as a primary means of completing class assignments. Students learn to apply team dynamics to accomplish complex tasks.

Focus on the Real World

Our goal is to produce well-rounded graduates who are able to succeed in the real world. Each student must complete a year-long, senior project under the direction of a mentor and defend it orally. During the project each student must demonstrate an ability to do independent research, to self-learn the skills needed to complete the project and to design the project to the customers satisfaction. Each must also pass a comprehensive exit exam.