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Charlotte Song, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology
Science Building, Room 115
Phone: 843-863-8075
Fax: 843-863-7290

Charlotte Song


Charlotte Song has been interested in living things her whole life. She took a life science class in seventh grade that inspired her to become a scientist. She received bachelor of science degrees in biology and geography from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Throughout her undergraduate career, she worked as an intern at the USDA Agricultural Research Service doing research with plants, including work improving farming and developing disease resistant crops. She went to graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin, receiving her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Stanley Roux. She worked on the role of extracellular ATP as a novel signal in plants. She did her research with the model species, Arabidopsis thaliana. Dr. Song continued her work in signal transduction by studying MAP kinase cascades in guard cell movements at the University of Maryland as a postdoctoral fellow. She did a second postdoctoral fellowship at DuPont working with small RNAs. She studied the role of micro RNAs in translational regulation in plants. She teaches Botany and Introduction to Biology for nonmajors at Charleston Southern University.

Research Interests:

Dr. Song is currently studying the factors that switch a micro RNA target from being regulated by cleavage to being translationally regulated. Micro RNAs are small RNAs that have been studied extensively but were only discovered recently. They have been found to have profound effects in development and regulation in plants and animals. Dr. Song made a mutant population of Arabidopsis thaliana and screened individual plants for loss of translational regulation.  She works with undergraduates in her laboratory characterizing and mapping the mutants.


Song C, Aukerman MJ (2009) Translational regulation of an artificial microRNA targeting chalcone synthase in Arabidopsis thaliana. Manuscript in preparation.

Jammes F*, Song C*, Shin D*, Munemasa S, Takeda K, Gu D, Cho D, Lee S, Giordo R, Sritubtim S, Leonhardt N, Ellis B, Murata Y, Kwak JM (2009) Two MAP kinases,MPK9 and MPK12, are preferentially expressed in guard cells and positively regulate ROS-mediated ABA signaling.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi:10.1073/pnas.0907205106. * Equal Contribution

Song CJ, Steinebrunner I, Stout S, Wang X, Roux S (2006) Extracellular ATP induces the accumulation of superoxide in Arabidopsis thaliana via NADPH oxidase. Plant Physiology 140: 1222-1232

Hsieh HL, Song CJ, Roux SJ (2000) Regulation of a recombinant pea nuclear apyrase by calmodulin and casein kinase II. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Gene Structure and Expression 1494: 248-255 Steinebrunner I, Jeter C, Song C, Roux S (2000) Molecular and biochemical comparison of two different apyrases fromArabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 38: 913-922

ChoSK, Ryu MY, Song C, Kwak JM, Kim WT (2008) Arabidopsis PUB22 and PUB23 are homologous U-Box E3 ubiquitin ligases that play combinatory roles in response to drought stress. Plant Cell 20:1899-1914

Cui X, Shin H, Song C, Laosinchai W, Amano Y, Brown RM (2001) A putative plant homolog of the yeast b-1,3-glucan synthase subunit FKS1 from cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fibers. Planta 213:223-230


Song C and Kwak J (2007) MAP kinases in ROS-mediated ABA signaling. Minisymposium Presentation, American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

Song C (2005) ABA- and ROS- Mediated Stomatal Closure Requires MAP Kinase Signaling. Minisymposium Presentation, ATRIUM Symposium, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Song C, Stout S, Roux S (2004) Extracellular ATP signaling induces the accumulation of superoxide via NADPH oxidases in Arabidopsis thaliana. Poster Presentation, Mid-Atlantic Plant Molecular Biology Society Meeting, Beltsville, Maryland

 Song C and Roux S (2003) Apyrases may play a role in the wound response ofArabidopsis thaliana. Poster Presentation, American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii

Song C and Roux S (2000) Possible role of extracellular ATP signaling in plants. Poster Presentation, American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting, San Diego, California

Song C, Steinebrunner I, and Roux S (1998) Two plant apyrases interact with calmodulin. Poster Presentation, American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland


  • B. S. Biology, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • B. S. Geography, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Ph.D. Botany, University of Texas at Austin
  • Postdoc., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Postdoc., DuPont
  • Assistant Professor, Charleston Southern University

Courses taught:

  • BIOL 442 Plant Physiology
  • BIOL 401 Biological Science Research
  • BIOL 142 Botany
  • BIOL 110 Introduction to Biology for nonmajors


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