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Kevin Jones, MAT

Assistant Professor of Biology
Science Building, Room 135
Phone: 843-863-5508
Fax: 843-863-7290

Kevin Jones


Kevin Jones has been interested in the natural world and science since an early age.  As a child he was more often found in the wild areas around his home than in the house.  He joined the U. S. Navy after high school and became a “Nuke”: a nuclear trained operator and supervisor in submarines.  He retired after tours on the USS Nautilus, USS Sam Rayburn, USS Henry Clay, and USS Daniel Boone, interspersed with training assignments in New York and Charleston, SC. After his retirement from the Navy, he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from The State University of New York, followed by his Masters of Arts of Teaching here at Charleston Southern University.

Since 1995, he has taught biology, physical science, chemistry (and a few others) at Branchville High School in Branchville, SC.  While teaching at Branchville he has been involved in environmental science programs through Clemson University and an Astrobiology curriculum program through several agencies including NASA. Since Coming to CSU, Kevin has been involved in Field research in taxonomy both on campus and at Hobcaw Barony, started and maintains the CSU Herbarium and conducted several research projects with the plants in the CSU collection housed in the greenhouse.

Kevin has a passion for, in particular, orchids, maintaining several greenhouses with both species and hybrid orchids and has served as the President of the Coastal Carolina Orchid Society. He has joined the Faculty at Charleston Southern University to teach Introduction to Biology for Nonmajors, Fundamentals of Biology, Botany, and Plant Taxonomy.

Research interests:

Kevin Jones is interested in developing methodologies for culture of Orchidaceaeincluding development of new hybrids.  He is particularly interested in development of more warmth tolerant varieties of Orchidaceae and developing hybid orchids using the South Carolina native epiphytic species Epidendrum magnolia.  To facilitate this he  is also is interested in developing new cultural methods for use in raising orchids from seed.  He works with undergraduate students in his laboratory/greenhouse developing these methods and hybrids.


Stockman S, Cherry M, Carle LC, Cumings T, Gary T, Hamidi N, Jones K.Astrobiology for Secondary Classrooms Curriculum


Astrobiology Curriculum to AstrobiologyScience Conference 2010. NASA, League City, Texas April 2010

“Small Greenhouse Management” to Coastal Carolina Orchid Society April 2007

Orchid Culture Seminars to various local gardening clubs 2007 – Present.

‘Integrating Computer Technology in the Science Classroom’ Bamberg – Calhoun – Orangeburg (BCO) Science Hub,

            2001 at Conference at University of South Carolina Salkahatchie

            2002 at Conference at Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College


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