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Rebecca Howell

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership, 225
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Rebecca Howell


Dr. Rebecca Howell is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Charleston Southern University. She earned a BS in Criminal Justice and an MA in Applied Sociology in Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University and a PhD in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is known nationally for her research in the areas of juvenile justice and delinquency and criminological theory testing.

Dr. Howell's teaching philosophy is founded on her experiences as a student and teacher. She believes that the students best prepared to contribute to the betterment of society are those whose: (1) learning requires them to be challenged on the intellectual and skill set fronts; (2) education requires them to organize, interpret, critically reflect and evaluate and draw conclusions using various kinds of evidence; and (3) whose value systems have been modified in some fashion (strengthened, weakened, outright changed) by thoughtful and critical consideration of alternative systems of value.

She has been conducting and providing consultation on criminological and CJ-related research for the past decade. She is a published author, has presented nationally and internationally and has provided research for a television documentary broadcast. She has supervised numerous students in research projects and recently, she and an undergraduate presented study findings to U.S. Congress members on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Howell worked in the field of criminal justice for 10 years as a Loss Prevention Officer for Walmart Stores, Inc. Her primary duties included apprehending shoplifters, conducting internal investigations for embezzlement, money laundering and credit card theft and prosecuting these cases in adult and juvenile court systems. She has been cofacilitator of a community-based, delinquency prevention program in Norfolk, Va.

At CSU, Dr. Howell is the faculty advisor for Alpha Phi Sigma. Within the CJ/criminology discipline, she provides assistance to researchers, practitioners and school districts in developing appropriate research designs for program outcome evaluations; she serves as a manuscript reviewer for numerous book publishers and refereed journals, and she is a grant proposal reviewer for the U.S. Department of Justice. She is a member of the American Society of Criminology, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Society for Prevention Research, Council on Family Relations, and Round Table Group, Inc. She is a past Teaching Fellow for the CESR's Service Learning Program at The University of Alabama, and she is a recipient of the national 2009 Sage Junior Faculty Teaching Development Award.


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