Seth Friend

Campus Minister
Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership
P843-863-7972 /


BA, MDiv, Rev.

Seth Friend is an alumni of Charleston Southern University. He is an ordained Baptist Minister and a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His biggest desire is to see students grow in real relationships with Jesus and fellow students; futhermore, he believes that standing upon God’s Word as the infallible, inerrant, and authoritative scripture in one’s life is the key to loving God and loving their neighbor. He, his wife and son love CSU and the greater Charleston Area.

Your Purpose. Our Mission.

I will go the extra mile for students by making myself available for them in any capacity. Whether it be meeting, speaking to them on the phone or email, or even helping them get connected on campus or in the greater Charleston area. I'm always available for students and whatever their needs are.

Seth Friend