Amy King

Associate Professor and Division Director of Communication
Student Center
P843-863-7419 /


PhD UNC Chapel Hill, Communication Studies, 2009
MA UNC Chapel Hill, Communication Studies, 1997
BA UNC Chapel Hill, Political Science and Communication Studies, 1995

Dr. Amy L. King is an Associate Professor of Communication at Charleston Southern University and serves as Division Director for Communication and Art. She teaches Media Literacy, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, and Applied Communication Theory. Her research interests have, over the years, spanned topics such as political rhetoric, evangelical culture, online learning, film, gender, religion, technology, and music. Her research often focuses on rhetorical criticism of media texts, numinous experiences, virtual spaces functioning as community, hyperrealism, and global publics. She is specifically interested in the electronic music festival as a cultural space and the rhetorical ethos created through music and community. Dr. King currently serves on the Legislative Assembly of the National Communication Association.

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