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Name Last Name Title Department Phone Number Email Address
placeholder Amy Atkins Atkins Physical Plant Office Manager Physical Plant 843.863.7576
placeholder Anthony DeMeo DeMeo Maintenance Specialist-Preventative/Painter Physical Plant 843.863.7807
placeholder Christian Hanley Hanley Groundsworker Physical Plant 843-863-7807
placeholder Charles Linder Linder Assistant Director of Facility Services Physical Plant 843-863-7580
placeholder Darren Clark Clark Grounds Supervisor Physical Plant 843-863-7577
placeholder Donald Wildey Wildey Chief Electrician Physical Plant 843-708-5383
placeholder Gerald Ingalls Ingalls Maintanance Specialist/Plumber Physical Plant
placeholder Jonathan Coxwell Coxwell Groundsworker Physical Plant 843.863.7576
placeholder John Jones Jones Maintenance Mechanic- Preventative Physical Plant 843-819-7390
placeholder Nicholas Cimorelli Cimorelli Director of Facility Services Physical Plant 843-863-7581
placeholder Rodney Failey Failey Groundsworker Physical Plant
placeholder Ryan Scott Scott Carpenter Assistant Physical Plant 843-330-5565