Russell Spears

Assistant Professor

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Doctor of Business Administration and Economics
Masters of Public Policy
Bachelors in Economics and Finance

Russell Spears has been fortunate enough to acquire a financial and business background through the private sector prior to entering academia. In addition to previous work as a former stock broker, underwriter, business manager, retail banker, and small business owner mostly immersed in corporate America, Spears entered the world of the public sector for a brief stint. Working for the city of Columbus, GA and Columbus State University presented the “other” perspective of working America. It was there that he learned the importance of government/business cooperation for societal gain. He entered academia in 2015 at Columbus State University where he worked as an applied economist and completed a masters in Public Policy. Using his MBA, Spears currently consults in Atlanta, GA. Prior to that, he completed a master’s work in Economics from Auburn University. Shortly after, he continued to pursue an MBA and Doctorate.

Your Purpose. Our Mission.

Going the extra mile is simple: play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. We all get derailed at some point in our trajectory, but we've also all received help at some point in our lives. I am that help.

Dr. Russell Spears, DBA

2017 Household and Business Sentiment Publication
2017 Columbus Consolidated Government Compensation Report
2017 Income Inequality Report for Columbus GA-AL MSA
2017 Giver versus Non-Giver Impact Study for United Way of Chattahoochee Valley
2018 Household and Business Sentiment Report for Columbus, GA
2019 Corporate Social Responsibility: An analysis of cross-sectional firms in the Southeast United States
Co-Authors: Adam Maiga, Ben Blair, Columbus State University
2020 Laptop Study: Implementing an opt-in laptop policy to improve students’ academic performance
Co-Author: Samuel Pertl, Harvard University

National Association of Business Economists
Entrepreneurs Organization
National Retail Association