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Faculty Development

Charleston Southern University annually awards Faculty Development funds through the Faculty Development Committee. Allocation of funds requires the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Faculty Development funds are not intended to replace department travel budgets.

Funds awarded through the Faculty Development Committee should:

  • enhance the faculty member's teaching competence or scholarship
  • improve the current curriculum
  • be distributed among as many academic disciplines and as many faculty members as resources will allow

To apply for Faculty Development Funds:

  • Review the Guidelines for CSU Faculty Development Funds
  • Complete the Request for Faculty Development Funds form
  • Include a short paragraph explaining how funding will help enhance your teaching competence or scholarship or improve the current curriculum.
  • Attach supporting documentation (conference/workshop brochures or other literature, webpage address/URL) that describes in some detail the event to be funded.
  • If traveling, complete the Travel Advance Form
  • Submit completed forms to your department chair, who will forward the forms to the appropriate dean.
  • Deans will forward forms to the secretary of the dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, who will coordinate approval with the Faculty Development Committee. Do not submit forms directly to the Faculty Development Committee.
  • If you have any questions about your request for Faculty Development funds, contact the secretary of the dean of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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