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College of Health Sciences


  • Describe the requisite information and knowledge (by program level) of injury prevention and management, clinical examination and diagnosis, and therapeutic inventions necessary to treat injuries to the physically active population.
  • Demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to provide exceptional health care as an entry-level certified athletic trainer.
  • Comprehend and demonstrate, when possible, the use of modern equipment and technology utilized in the field of athletic training.
  • Demonstrate effective communication (verbal and written) with a variety of health care practitioners and other members of the health care team.
  • Demonstrate the use of evidence-based practice techniques by analyzing and applying current research in the field of athletic training.
  • Become critical consumers of research and other publicly disseminated information by examining the scientific method and the role of research in developing knowledge in the area of athletic training.
  • Comprehend and demonstrate the rationale for professional continuing education in the field of athletic training.
  • Articulate the attributes of servant leadership in their role as a healthcare provider.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with the NATA Code of Ethics and the BOC Inc. Standards of Professional Practice.