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MS Counseling Psychology

Internship and Practicum

The program will take students three years to complete; the first two years are primarily in the classroom and the third year focuses on clinical training at practicum and internship sites.

Students complete two field placement experiences. The first is accounted for by Practicum (PSYC 665). The second is accounted for by both Internship I (PSYC 670) and then Internship II (PSYC 675). Practicum requires 150 hours of work, meaning students will work approximately 12-14 hours/week. Each internship requires 300 hours of work, totaling 600 after both are completed, meaning students will work approximately 20 hours/week.

Students in practicum also attend a three-hour per week seminar course conducted on campus by a faculty member. These seminars involve group discussion of counseling issues, logistics of conducting counseling in a community agency, and identification of challenges to beginning counselors.