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International Programs


After you have successfully received your F-1 student visa you can make your travel arrangements. 

  • Please contact your enrollment counselor, or to confirm the date that you should plan to arrive at Charleston Southern University.
  • When you purchase your plane tickets, be sure to arrive at Charleston International Airport (CHS) in Charleston, South Carolina. If you can arrive during daytime hours that will be helpful in order to arrange airport pickup.
  • After purchasing your tickets, send your arrival information/itinerary to your enrollment counselor or so that we can arrange for airport pickup and checking into the dorms.

When you are ready to travel:

  • Say goodbye well to your family and friends! While we are excited to see you, they are both sad and excited to see you go.  Have a great send-off on your new adventure.
  • Pack your luggage! Be aware of weight and luggage restrictions.  Suggestions for what to pack Add link to PDF document
  • When you first arrive in the United States you will need to go through customs and border patrol. At that time you may need to show the agent the following documents:
    • Your passport with F-1 visa
    • Form I-20 signed and dated
    • I-901 SEVIS Fee Receipt
    • Charleston Southern University acceptance letter
    • Financial documents
    • Contact information of a Designated School Official at Charleston Southern University

Barbara Mead
Associate Dean of Students, PDSO
Charleston Southern University
9200 University Blvd
Charleston, SC 29423
Phone: 843.863.7099
Cheryl Gimple
International Student Enrollment Counselor
Charleston Southern University
9200 University Blvd
Charleston, SC 29423
Phone: 843-863-7068
Cell: 843-330-7584