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Student Code of Conduct

Charleston Southern University’s Guiding Principles describe some of the values and principles which the university seeks for students as outcomes of the CSU experience. The Student Code of Conduct, which appears below, describes the behavior, values and principles CSU expects students to demonstrate as they live together.

The CSU Oath

The CSU community, comprised of students, faculty and staff, is bonded together through integrity. Joining the CSU community commits each member to specific behavior.

As a member of the CSU community:

  • I will respect the CSU Christian environment.
  • I will respect other people and their property.
  • I will display responsibility in my actions.
  • I will practice academic integrity by upholding the CSU Honor Pledge.
  • I will promote order and safety on campus.

Adherence to these ideals commits each member of the CSU community to behavior that nurtures respect for others and builds integrity in all.


As a liberal arts university committed to the Christian faith, CSU seeks to develop ethical men and women of disciplined, creative minds and lives that focus on leadership, service and learning. The Honor System of CSU is designed to provide an academic community of trust in which students can enjoy the opportunity to grow both intellectually and personally. For these purposes, the following rules and guidelines will be applied.


The Honor Pledge, Article VII of the Student Government Association, binds all CSU students. The Honor Pledge is as follows:

“I do hereby pledge to uphold the honor of Charleston Southern University by refraining from giving or receiving academic material in a manner not authorized by the instructor, from illegally appropriating the property of others and from the deliberate falsification of facts. I shall do all in my power at all times to create a spirit of honesty and honor for its own sake, both by upholding the Honor System and by helping others to do so. I understand the Honor System and realize that a plea of ignorance will not be accepted.”


Academic Dishonesty is the transfer, receipt, or use of academic information, or the attempted transfer, receipt or use of academic information in a manner not authorized by the instructor or by university rules. It includes, but is not limited to, cheating and plagiarism as well as aiding or encouraging another to commit academic dishonesty.

Cheating is defined as wrongfully giving, taking or presenting any information or material borrowed from another source - including the internet - by a student with the intent of aiding himself or another on academic work. This includes, but is not limited to, a test, examination, presentation, experiment or any written assignment, which is considered in any way in the determination of the final grade.

Plagiarism is the taking or attempted taking of an idea, writing, a graphic, music composition, art or datum of another without giving proper credit and presenting or attempting to present it as one’s own. It is also taking written materials of one’s own that have been used for a previous course assignment and using it without reference to it in its original form. Students are encouraged to ask their instructor(s) for clarification regarding their academic dishonesty standards. Instructors are encouraged to include academic dishonesty/integrity standards on their course syllabus.


Laptop and cell phone use is not permitted during class.


All students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately at all times, including, but not limited to, when using the hallways, stairwells, in a class or in the dining hall. Clothing displaying graphics, descriptions, or logos inconsistent with CSU’s Christian mission is not permissible. This includes but is not limited to racist/hateful images or slogans, sexually explicit images or innuendo and/or drug and alcohol logos, images or innuendo. Note: the dress code policy applies to all students, whether residents or commuters.



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