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Bulk Mail


Complete the CSU Post Office form Standard and Presorted First Class Mail Form

Complete all spaces on the form, except those marked “For CSU Post Office”, “for US Post Office”, or “Vendor Use Only”.

Scan and email the form to the CSU Postmaster at, no later than one month prior to the mailing. Anything less than one month will delay the mailing.


  1. Review the form from the CSU Department for completeness, and contact the writer with any questions.
  2. Initial and date the form in the “Initial and date received” field, at the bottom right corner of the form.
  3. Scan and email the bulk mail form to the vendor listed on the form, requesting a “Quoted Charge”.

When the CSU Postmaster receives the “Quoted Charges” amount from the vendor, the CSU Postmaster will:

  1. Sign and date the form at the bottom of the page, beside the words, “CSU Postmaster Job Approval”, and “date”. 
  2. Email the approved form to the CSU requesting department to acknowledge their request.
  3. On a weekly basis, email the approved forms to CSU Accounting at email address, to prepare a journal entry for charges on the Bulk Mail Liability account.  Note: Charges must be on the individual CSU department accounts before a requisition can be processed.
  4.  At least 8 hours after sending the charges to Accounting, prepare a purchase requisition for the postage charges.  The Bulk Mail Liability account will be used when requisitioning.  The Bulk Mail forms are to be attached to the requisition for both purchasing and audit support documentation. When the check is prepared, the CSU Postmaster will take the check to the US Postmaster with a copy of the approved “Standard and Presorted First Class Mail forms”, (Bulk Mail Forms).

 The US Post Office will be asked to: 

a)       Assure that the “Cust Ref#” and “Title of Mailing” are properly recorded on their “US Mail web site”, which is routinely reviewed by the CSU Postmaster for reconciliation purposes, and 

b)      Match the form, to a copy of one that will be presented by our vendor, when mailing for CSU.

Once this is done the CSU Postmaster will email the approved form to the vendor stating that they are approved to take the mail to the US Post office.  At this time the CSU Postmaster has delivered sufficient money to the US Postmaster.

The vendor will be asked to give an approved form to the US Post Office, and request that they use the “Cust Ref #” and “Title of Mailing” on the US Post Office Website as reference information.

Reconciliation and Confirmation: At the end of the month, the CSU Postmaster will confirm that each approved bulk mail form is appropriately recorded on the US Post Office website by matching each approved bulk mail form, for the month, to the US Post Office website.

CSU Postmaster will write:  (1) “COMPLETED”,  (2) today’s date, and (3) the date the US Post Office actually mailed the bulk mail. The completed bulk mail forms, and a copy of the US Postmaster website screen will be scanned and emailed to “CSU_ACCTG” to support the general ledger reconciliation for the bulk mail liability account.


  1. A new Bulk Mail Liability account will be created to track charges and payments going thru the CSU Post Office.  This account number is inconsequential to the CSU Departments.
  2. When the CSU Postmaster sends the mail forms to CSU Accounting with the “Quoted Charges” from the vendor, a journal entry will be prepared to charge the CSU Departments for Bulk Mail Postage charges (debit), and the total charges will be offset to the Bulk Mail Liability Account (credit).
  3. If and when the CSU Postmaster sends changes to the “Quoted Charges” to CSU Accounting, the increases or decreases will be recorded to the departments via journal entry.  These adjustments will reflect either an increase or decrease in the next Postage check created for the US Post Office by the CSU Postmaster.  It is anticipated that this process will have very few changes after the initial mailing.
  4. The CSU Bulk Mail Liability account will be reconciled monthly by the CSU Accounting Staff, and any differences verified with the CSU Postmaster.  Copies of the US Post Office website screen and all completed bulk mailing forms will be attached to the general ledger liability account reconciliation.


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