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Technology Services

Code of Conduct

We are pleased to offer students at Charleston Southern University the opportunity to access the internet from the university computers in the computer labs and the library. Access is also available in all the residence halls on campus. Access to the internet will enable students to explore thousands of libraries, databases and files throughout the world.

The internet is an intregal part of course work for students to conduct research and to communicate with others. Access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Students who do not choose to act in a responsible manner are subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Executive Director of Technology. These penalties include but are not limited to verbal/written warnings, temporary loss of privileges, permanent loss of network privileges, and referral to the Dean of Students.


Charleston Southern University students may access the internet within limitations to facilitate diversity and personal growth in technology, informational research skills and communication skills. Access is provided free of charge to all students in the computer labs and library except for pre-determined lab fees that are required for some classes. Access in the residence halls is provided free of charge to all registered resident students.

While in the library or computer labs, CSU students may use the following methods for retrieving information from the internet: file transfer protocol (FTP), HTTP (web browsing) and electronic mail. When accessing the internet from the residence halls students are permitted to use the same methods as outlined above but are also allowed to use various chat programs, media players and other online resources.


1. I will always use a computer in ways that show consideration and respect for others and are in keeping with CSU's mission.

2. I will not send emails or attachments that are offensive or threatening.

3. I will not interfere with the computer work of others or purposely try to disturb the integrity of the network.

4. I will not download or share copyrighted material of any kind including but not limited to songs, movies, television shows and software. I also accept the responsibility of keeping copyrighted software or any other copyrighted media of any kind off the school's computers and will accept any consequences that accompany my actions.

5. I will not copy software or any other media for which I have not paid.

6. I accept the responsibility for all material received or sent through/over the network.

7. I will not send or receive material containing pornographic material, inappropriate information or text-encoded files that are potentially dangerous to the integrity of the hardware connected to the network.

8. I will not attempt to enter anyone else's email account or computer files for any reason.

9. While in the library/computer labs I will not alter or attempt to alter a computer setup or system configuration.

10. While in the library/computer labs I will not download games or other noneducational files.

11. I will not subscribe to or broadcast to lists via email, also know as SPAM mailing.

12. I will not possess or maintain any type of network server for any reason on or from this network. This includes but is not limited to web servers, file servers and mail servers.


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