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Student Post Office Information

At Charleston Southern University, we have a limited function Post Office.  The hours of operation are 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday.
You may conduct the following transactions at CSU’s Post Office:
            Buy stamps
            Receive and ship packages
            Receive mail at your CSU mailbox
            Mail all out going letters
All transactions must be paid in cash or checks, no credit cards please

Your Mailing Address Is:

Your Shipping Address Is:


(For FedEx and UPS ONLY)

Student Name

Student Name

Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University

CSU Box #

CSU Box #

PO Box 118087

9200 University Blvd

Charleston, SC 29423-8087

Charleston, SC 29406

Mail is received from US Post Office at 7:30am and will be in the student mailboxes by 9:30am Monday thru Friday.  Mail is dispatched to US Post Office at 3:30pm.
Students are not allowed to call the Post Office to check for mail.  You must use your key to check your mail.  If you no longer have your key, a new key can be made for you.
There is a $15 charge for a lost or misplaced mailbox key.
Please check the mailbox prior to coming to the Post Office window to inquire about a package.  If you have received a package too large for your mailbox, a notice will be placed in your mailbox.  Bring the notice and your student ID card 


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