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Microsoft Office 365 for education is here!

We are proud to present Office 365 for education. With Office 365, you will now have two accounts: 

Office 365 account access your school email. Use Microsoft Outlook Web App or Microsoft Outlook to access your school email

Personal Microsoft account access SkyDrive and Messenger. Use the same user name and password to access this account that was used to access Live@edu by signing into SkyDrive (

Note that Charleston Southern University no longer administers this account, so we cannot reset the password.Use to reset the password for your personal account after the upgrade. The video below will help to explain the changes:

If you have questions or need help, contact our 24x7 Support options for assistance!

Login and Instructions

FIRST TIME LOGIN: Charleston Southern University provides current students an email account to use while attending. You can access your email at the following address:

Your login name is: Your email address 

Your initial password is: first 2 initials of your last name and your student ID without the leading zeros.
Note: If your student Id is 5 or less digits use however many leading zeros needed to make your password exactly 8 characters long. 

For example, if your name is John M. Smith and your student ID is 12345, your username would be:

PASSWORD: sm012345


For example, if your name is John M. Smith and your student ID is 123456, your username would be:

PASSWORD: sm123456

When you first access the system you will be prompted to reset your password and enter your language preference and your time zone. Please use a password you can remember; it must be at least 6 characters and should contain numbers, letters and special characters ( ! @ # $ % ^ & etc.).

Once you are logged in you will see your inbox and other folders. Across the top of the screen you will see links for your mail, Office Live, photos and links for your 25GB of online storage known as SkyDrive.

Want to check Bucmail on your phone? Use the Office 365 Mobile Phone Wizard!

MyCSU provides single sign-on access via the MyMail link on the Student tab once you've changed your initial password.



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