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Student Post Office Information

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At Charleston Southern University, we have a limited function Post Office.  The hours of operation are 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday.
You may conduct the following transactions at CSU’s Post Office:
  • Buy stamps
  • Receive and ship packages
  • Receive mail at your CSU mailbox
  • Mail all out going letters
 All transactions must be paid in cash or checks, no credit cards please.

Your Mailing Address Is:

Your Shipping Address Is:


(For FedEx and UPS ONLY)

Student Name

Student Name

Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University

CSU Box #

CSU Box #

PO Box 118087

9200 University Blvd

Charleston, SC 29423-8087

Charleston, SC 29406

Mail is received from US Post Office at 7:30am and will be in the student mailboxes by 9:30am Monday thru Friday.  Mail is dispatched to US Post Office at 3:30pm.
Students are not allowed to call the Post Office to check for mail.  You must use your key to check your mail.  If you no longer have your key, a new key can be made for you.
There is a $15 charge for a lost or misplaced mailbox key.
Please check the mailbox prior to coming to the Post Office window to inquire about a package.  If you have received a package too large for your mailbox, a notice will be placed in your mailbox.  Bring the notice and your student ID card.


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