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Technology Services

Wi-Fi Access

Need help with wireless? Submit a work order via MyCSU Student Tab under Student Technology Support Request. 

Charleston Southern offers Wi-Fi access all over campus and in residence halls. The  residence halls have been using wireless technology since the administration approved its use in 2001. The overlapping coverage in all the residence halls allows students to move freely throughout the building while maintaining a wireless network connection. In 2011, the student wireless network bandwidth was increased which allowed each student to access the Internet at a much faster rate.

In order to access the CSU wireless network, each student computer must meet certain requirements.

Each computer must have a minimum 802.11g compatible wireless network device,  which can either be internal or external depending on the computer's features. The university bookstore offers an external wireless network device at a reduced cost for current students. A current copy of CSU approved antivirus is also needed to gain access to the wireless network. The list consists of: AVG, Kaspersky, Sophos, Symantec/Norton, TrendMicro, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials (Defender for Windows 8). 

For a list of free antivirus downloads, click here.

Please see our wireless frequently asked questions, for details.

For any questions regarding the CSU student wireless network, please contact the Wireless Administrator at 843-863-7762.


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