Alumni Mentoring Program

Did you know? 
We have over 200 mentors participating in the Buccaneer Bridge Alumni Mentoring Program. These mentors are alumni, faculty, staff, business executives, non-profit leaders, teachers, doctors, legal professionals, nurses and more. Find your mentor today!  

Connect to a meeting:


What do I talk about with my mentor?

We are so glad that you asked this question! There are a variety of topics that you can discuss with your mentor. We suggest that you focus on the following topics:

  • Career planning
  • Integrating faith in learning, leading, and serving
  • Industry demands and career expectations
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Work/life balance
  • Internship and full-time employment opportunities
  • Graduate school success tips
  • Serving in management or leadership roles
  • Specific questions about a company or industry
  • Day-to-day realities of working in a particular role
  • Transitioning from student to employee

  • When requesting a meeting, send a brief email introducing yourself, state why you would like to meet and/or what topic(s) you are interested in learning more about. Feel free to also include a brief statement regarding your interests or experiences. Upload any documents that may be relevant to your meeting (resume, cover letter, job description, etc.…)
  • Be sure to thank your mentor (early and often).
    • Show appreciation by sending a follow up thank-you message.
    • Note that unless the mentor provides his/her contact information during the call, you must do this within 24 hours of the consultation, while your consultation homepage is still active
  • Be flexible and request meetings in advance. Keep in mind that your mentor may have set times to meet with you due to their work schedule.
  • Do not be a “no-show”! If you are unable to meet, please let your mentor know in advance. Respect your mentor’s time commitment by planning and preparing questions and topics of discussion.
  • Listen and Learn and Take Notes!

Remember your career center is also here to assist you. Schedule an appointment via Handshake to meet with a member of the Career Center Team.

*Please note – The mentoring program is not intended to be used for personal or mental health counseling.  If, at any time, you feel that you may require assistance from a trained professional, it is recommended that mentees contact CSU Counseling Services at 843-863-8010.

How do I know if the mentor I select is right for me?

Before requesting a meeting, mentees can review the mentor’s profile online, including any available feedback from other mentees. You can also view a mentor’s current title, work experience, academic background and (if available) a general schedule of their availability.

Will the mentor have access to my phone number or email address?

No, your phone number and email address are never shared with the mentor as all communication is routed through your consultation homepage. If you desire, you can provide your phone number and/or email address to your mentor.


Give Advice. Share Your Expertise.

If you enjoy sharing what you have learned with others, please join us! The Buccaneer Bridge Mentoring Program does not require a specific time commitment. You will be able to select your availability.  We encourage you to engage in mentoring conversations and meetings as they fit your schedule. Meetings can take place on the actual platform, Zoom, Facetime, or phone call.


  • Currently employed or recently retired
  • Available for regular contact with mentee
  • Ability to engage in one-on-one communication with 1 to 5 mentees
  • Willing to provide feedback to staff/program administrators
  • Register on the mentoring platform.

  • Select a virtual meeting location on phone conversation
  • Introductions: Get to know one another
  • Share your collegiate story and professional journey
  • Discuss your expectations for mentorship connection
    • How often are you available to communication with your mentee?
    • Provide information on what mentorship looks like
    • Discuss best ways to communicate moving forward
  • Discussion Topics
    • Mentees will pre-select a few topics that they would like to discuss with their mentors during the registration process
    • Examples of topics include: career development, integrating faith, professional development opportunities, internships, technical and program skills to succeed in a field,
    • Outline the topics you are comfortable discussing, suggestions to maximize undergraduate or graduate school experience, networking strategies, interview preparation, work/life balance, career search tips, etc.
    • Give your mentee space to feel comfortable to discuss challenges and fears and of course accomplishments. If you have any questions regarding a topic that is discussed, please contact the Career Center or have your mentee reach out to Counseling Services at 843-863-8010.
  • Offer Supportive Feedback / Express Encouragement.
  • Schedule Next Meeting.

Instructions for how to connect to meetings.

*Please note – The mentoring program is not intended to be used for personal or mental health counseling.  If, at any time, you feel that your mentee may require assistance from a trained professional, it is recommended that they contact CSU Counseling Services at 843-863-8010.