Resources for Your Specific Need

Our team knows that having resources outside of counseling is helpful day-to-day. Check out the following information, including apps compatible with iPhone or Android.

To schedule an appointment: 843-863-8010

Apps: SoberTool, I am Sober ($1.99), Nomo – sobriety clocks

Apps: Happify, MindShift, Pacifica

Panic Attack specific apps: Instant Heart Rate + ($2.99), Fast Calm, Calm Keeper ($4.99)

Depression specific apps: Happify, What’s Up?, I Am – Daily Positive reminders

ED specific apps: Rise Up +Recover, Recovery Record

Grief/Loss Specific Apps: end – Breakup Trainer, Help for the Grieving (Android only)

Outside Referrals

Because of limited resources, clients with problems requiring long-term counseling may need to be referred to an off-campus professional. Also, if a CSU counselor determines that a client’s needs exceed his or her ability to provide adequate services, we have an ethical responsibility to refer the student to another counselor. While CSU does not endorse or recommend any one particular counselor, we do maintain a list of local counselors who are qualified to meet your needs. However, the cost of off-campus counseling is strictly the responsibility of the student.

How is Your Mental Health?

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