Student Government Association

If you are interested in learning more about government and political science, consider running for an SGA position.

The Charleston Southern University Student Government Association seeks to ensure the continuous exchange of ideas and opinions between the students and administration, to further the activities of student life, to develop a greater spirit of progressive citizenship, to assume the fullest responsibilities and powers of self-government consistent with the policies of the CSU administration, to promote the general welfare and to protect the rights of students.

Meet Your SGA Executives & Cabinet

Matthew Pettersen, junior
Major: Business Management & Marketing – double major
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.

“Invest well in this time that you have in college. With great opportunity comes great responsibility. God has given us a great opportunity to grow at CSU in learning, leading, and serving; it is our responsibility to steward this opportunity well.”

Brenna Bourgeois, junior
Major: Middle Grades Education with a concentration in History and English
Hometown: New Orleans, La.

“Do not overfill your plate. Stand by your word. Study hard, have fun, and pray constantly…. and tell your parents to send care packages.”

Matthew Fortner, senior
Major: Biology (Education)
Hometown: Anderson, S.C.

“Be yourself! These are the best years of your life; don’t spend it in a shell!”

President Pro Tempore Bailey Dingler
Chairwoman Brooke Murray
Chairwoman Elaine Lizarondo
Parliamentarian Jaynae Jefferson
Chairman Jeremy Thomas
Chairwoman Marisa Thomas

Meet Your SGA Senators

President Pro Tempore
Bailey Dingler

Elaine Lizarondo
Brooke Murray

Jaynae Jefferson

Abigail Barnett
Braxton Cranmer
Brandon Diehl
Becca Edwards
Caitlin McCurdy
Grace Schvaneveldt
Busola Oseni
Chandaniben Patel
Joie’ Pinckney

Senate Page
Rachael Metzger

Sergeant At Arms
Nataysuan Taylor