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Campus Ministries


Charleston Southern University is affiliated with several ministries and organizations that define who we are, and other partnerships emphasize the vision of the university, integrating faith in learning, leading and serving.

Foundational Partnerships: The foundation of our biblical core values come through our affiliation with these foundational partnerships.

Organizational Ministries: CSU has several organizational ministries that meet on our campus each week to serve the student body through outreach, discipleship, worship and service.

Leadership Opportunities Preparing students for leadership is a part of our vision.  There are several conferences and resources that we provide for student leaders in our effort to prepare them for the present and the future.

Missions Opportunities: We encourage all of our students to get involved in serving the local community, nationally and globally.  There are many opportunities that students are given aside from these partnerships as well.

Other Ministry Partnerships Each year we choose a group of partnerships that enable students to become aware of the needs in the world, serve the people in the community and meet financial needs.