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Mind your matters

01/04/19 - "I'm not afraid of failure; I'm afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter." Read More >

CSU hosting Dr. Billy Kim and Korean Children's Choir

01/03/19 - Kim, a world-renowned evangelist and broadcaster, is often referred to as the Billy Graham of South Korea. Read More >

Computer science interns learn by doing

12/28/18 - Six computer science majors and minors share the lessons they learned during internships. Read More >

Finding beauty in the breaking

12/18/18 - Hannah Silvia became a runner in middle school when her Dad invited her to join him. By her freshman year in high school she had let health take over her life in an unhealthy way. Read More >

CSU on the road!

12/11/18 - Represent CSU on the Road! Did you know that you can purchase a CSU specialty license plate in the state of South Carolina? Read More >

Mark Tucker resigns as CSU Head Football Coach

12/08/18 - Charleston Southern University Athletic Director Jeff Barber announced Friday that Head Football Coach Mark Tucker has resigned, effective immediately. Read More >

Home for the first winter break

12/05/18 - When your student comes home for their first winter break, some adjustments may be needed in order to make the experience more enjoyable for both the student and the parent. Read More >

Interprofessional training for CSU healthcare students

12/03/18 - Nursing, athletic training and physician assistant students wrapped up the fall semester at Charleston Southern University by participating in two days of interprofessional training exercises. Read More >

Study tips for finals

11/26/18 - Studying for finals doesn't have to be as scary as your fellow students and the media sometimes make it out to be. Read More >

CSU diversity programs growing

11/24/18 - Grant said, "Diversity is not just black and white." CSU defines diversity as people groups varying in ethnic makeup, cultural background, age, language, education and professional experience, ability, veteran and/or socioeconomic status. Read More >