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Buccaneers unveil new Athletic Performance Center with building dedication on Thursday night

Athletics // 11.16.2017

Charleston Southern unveiled the new Athletic Performance Center on Thursday night as the Buccaneers opened the doors to the general public at a building dedication hosted prior to the women's basketball game against Erskine. The unveiling included comments by CSU President Dr. Jairy Hunter, Athletic Director Hank Small, Director of Strength and Conditioning Chad Scott, Head Football Coach Mark Tucker and Assistant A.D. for Development Tyler Davis.

Dr. Hunter welcomed everyone to the evening and opened the statements on the night thanking the many donors, former players and current student-athletes in the room.

"This is a wonderful night; it almost seems like every month and every year we have something to celebrate," Hunter commented. "This is just a wonderful evening. The vision of this came about and we were able to find so many amazing donors for the project."

He continued, "This is going to serve a lot of needs and a lot of student-athletes are going to be able to enjoy it. This building has been made possible by our football team and our donors. It's wonderful to look back and see the planning, the thought process and the people working hard who made all of this possible."

Small echoed Hunter's thoughts on the evening and expressed a sense of thankfulness for all who sacrificed and put in the time to make the Performance Center possible.

"This is a dream come true; this facility will benefit every athlete in the department, every program," he said. "For every celebration, there is thanksgiving. There is certainly a lot of people to thank. All of the administration who helped bring this about, Dr. Hunter, Luke Blackmon, all of our administrative staff - just want to thank them for everything."

He added, "We can't forget about the football teams, coaches and players, who played all of the games throughout the years to help have a huge role in this building coming to fruition. Looking around and looking at the equipment, we're excited to turn this over to our strength and conditioning staff. We're just thankful to everyone who played a part in this building."

Coach Tucker also expressed his gratitude and commented on the magnitude of the impact the new Performance Center will have on the athletic department as a whole.

"What this building means, it means that 110 to 120 football players can now be in their strength and speed training facility at the same time," Tucker said. "We're able to show off this outstanding facility and the equipment to every young man and family we're recruiting. We feel like we've done amazing things with every step that we've taken to make this building happen. This building will have a huge impact on every sport and every athlete on campus."

The 8,000-square-foot facility, built adjacent to the Buccaneer Field House, will become "the new home of Buccaneer football." It combines a 5,000-square-foot strength and conditioning center and 3,000-square-feet for meeting and office space, essential for recruiting as well as enhancing student-athlete wellness and the competitive experience. 

The new Performance Center effectively doubles the size and capabilities of the current weight room, with state-of-the-art Sorinex equipment and amenities. The meeting center accommodates strength coach offices, offensive and defensive team meeting spaces, and film review and tutoring sessions, for which there was previously not a designated space. 

The weight room houses a brand-new nutrition center available to all CSU student-athletes. The center features grab-and-go items including smoothies and supplements, as well as various healthy food options throughout the day. The strength and conditioning staff and student-workers will keep the center open following late practices to ensure all athletes have options for snacks, food and recovery to keep the Bucs in prime condition for athletic competition.