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Brittany Gordon joins Campus Ministries

Marketing and Communication // 06.23.2017

Brittany GordonBrittany Gordon always loved Charleston. Her family vacationed here frequently while she grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina, she spent six years in the hospitality industry in Charleston. She had managed a lifelong desire to live in the Holy City, but something inside kept telling her she was not yet working where the Lord was leading.

“I kept taking small steps of obedience,” says Gordon. 

As a member of Seacoast Church, she started working with college kids.  From there, she took a volunteer position at St. Michael’s ministering to their youth. She felt a constant calling to disciple young girls. 

“The calling was always there, I just couldn’t find the right path,” she said.

In the meantime, other members of the Gordon family also found their way to Charleston. Her mom and her brother both moved here. After so many great memories from earlier visits, they, too wanted to enjoy full-time residence.  Gordon’s mother so loved the Lowcountry she became a tour guide.

All the while, Gordon was waiting with an open mind and a willing heart. In February, she learned of a potential position at Charleston Southern as the assistant campus minister. In April, she was interviewed by phone while she was in London. She interviewed a second time upon her return to the States. 

“I had such a peace that this was exactly what the Lord wanted for me,” she said.

Gordon had resisted the temptation to take other nonministerial jobs and her patience, coupled with God’s timing, paid off.

Gordon joined CSU's Campus Ministries team in June. Since then, she’s been working with some of the student leaders.  She’s especially excited for an opportunity to disciple students. She wants to help foster those personal relationships with students. “Even though we’re a Christian campus, there are students who are non-believers who are seeking and searching for answers.”

Gordon is thankful that such a campus as CSU exists where the spiritual climate allows for those answers to be found.

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