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Despres Uses 4 Chairs to Illustrate Gospel

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Despres Uses 4 Chairs to Illustrate Gospel

Marketing and Communication // 09.15.2016

Lifting folding chairs over his head, slamming them to the stage and building a tower with them, Adrian Despres illustrated the message of the four chairs in Chapel Sept. 14.

“All of you are in one of these chairs spiritually speaking,” said Despres. “The Lord God Almighty wants you all to be in the first chair,” he said.

Chair 1:

  • Completely in love with Jesus
  • Can’t hide your love for Jesus
  • This person is reading the Bible, praying and sharing their faith
  • Growing in their faith

Chair 2:

  • Probably raised in the church
  • Over time has become complacent
  • Has left their first love, Jesus
  • Not much evident growth

Chair 3:

  • These people may believe they are in the 2nd chair
  • May attend church
  • Really in the 4th chair, but they don’t know it

Chair 4:

  • These people know for a fact that they are not a Christian

Despres said the way to know if you are a Christian is: you are showing the fruit of the Holy Spirit and you feel convicted when you sin.

He closed with a Clay Crosse song, “I Surrender All,” and challenged students to move to the first chair if not there.

Despres is a speaker with Forge, Kingdom Building Ministries and is the former football chaplain at the University of South Carolina.

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