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Singleton’s forgiveness message still powerful

Chris Singleton 

“Love is always stronger than hate.”  Those words from Chris Singleton, less than 24 hours after the murder of his mother while attending a Bible study, continue to echo God’s love and Singleton’s faith.  Speaking to a CSU chapel gathering, Singleton shared his memories of that night and how his coaches and CSU family showed support.  “When I chose to forgive, a great weight was lifted,” explained the former CSU baseball player.

Singleton was especially emotional when revealing that his younger brother felt there was no reason to believe in God, if God could allow such a thing to happen.  His brother, Caleb, no longer feels that way.  Former CSU baseball coach, Stuart Lake, and campus pastor, Jon Davis, joined Singleton on the Lightsey Chapel stage to offer their perspectives on that horrible summer night at the Emanuel AME Church. 

Why is love stronger than hate?  Chris Singleton’s belief then, and now, is because “love brings hope.”