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Being informed is being prepared during hurricane season

Marketing and Communication // 08.30.2016

Safety is Priority One at Charleston Southern University and with hurricane and tropical storm season at its peak, CSU encourages our students to prepare accordingly in the event of an actual weather emergency.
The first step in being prepared for emergencies is signing up for Buc Alert.


If you are already signed up make sure that your Buc Alert information is up-to-date. Charleston Southern will relay Buc Alerts emergency information through phone calls, emails, and text messages using the contact information that you have provided.


When a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is approaching, the university will:

  • Monitor the situation with the National Weather Service and local emergency preparedness officials.
  • The CSU administration will determine whether there is a campus closure or an evacuation and when it will occur
  • Marketing and Communication will communicate news to the campus through the university website, university social media channels and campuswide emails. Buc Alert will be utilized in emergency situations.
  • Student Services will implement evacuation or shelter-in-place for resident students. Student Services personnel will advise students how to evacuate or to shelter-in-place.
  • University departments such as Security, Physical Plant and Dining Services will prepare in the event Shelter-in-Place is enacted.

How Students Should Prepare for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane:

  • Plan for worst-case scenarios, since it is easier to scale back than to scale up in an emergency.
  • Residents, follow all instructions of Res Life staff.
  • Backup your computer and ensure that your computer equipment and hardware are as protected as possible. Protect any other electronic equipment.
  • Fully charge your cell phone.
  • Have a working flashlight and plenty of backup batteries. No candles are to be used because of fire hazard.
  • Fill your car with gas in case an evacuation order is given.
  • In the absence of specific guidance or direction, use common sense and make the most sensible decision.
  • Check the university website for up-to-date information.

Know the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane:

  • Tropical Storm: A storm with sustained wind speeds of 34 – 73 mph
  • Hurricane: A storm in which sustained winds of 74 mph exist

Campus Closures

Depending on incident complexity and severity, every reasonable effort will be made for decisions to cancel classes, close the campus or evacuate the campus by the CSU Emergency Operations Center in a timely and safe manner.



Download a copy of CSU's emergency response plan for additional details. Additional helpful tips and readiness guidelines are also available at

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