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Communication Skills Land Spaulding in D.C.

Dr. Jonathan Sircy // 09.05.2016

When Margaret Spaulding talks, people listen. One of those people is Spaulding’s boss, United States Senator Tim Scott ’88 (R-S.C.).

“Any young person can tell you a story where they have been dismissed because of their age,” said Spaulding, a 2013 graduate of Charleston Southern from Jamaica Queens, New York. “I have never had that problem in [Sen. Scott’s] office. Being heard and taken seriously has allowed me to grow.”

Margaret Spaulding

Spaulding, who currently serves as Sen. Scott’s Deputy Press Secretary, began honing her communication skills at CSU as a double major in English and political science. In fact, it was a CSU connection that led to her first position with then Congressman Scott.

“I found out that he was a CSU grad and also voted 100 percent pro-life, which is a big deal for me,” Spaulding said. “I applied for an internship and ended up getting a paid internship in his D.C. office. From there, everything just kind of snowballed.”

Following her internship, Spaulding served as Scott’s staff assistant in Charleston and Constituent Service Representative in Columbia before becoming his Deputy Press Secretary. Now the media listens to Spaulding too. “I help coordinate interviews and handle any press that we may have at events,” Spaulding said, explaining her current position. “I am that person who says ‘No more questions.’ Behind the scenes, I help with the Senator’s prep and make sure he is prepared for any questions that may get thrown at him.”

Spaulding originally came to CSU on a basketball scholarship before stepping away from the court to focus on her double major. While she initially saw an English degree as a path to law school, she now appreciates the degree for different reasons.

“I am positive that if I wasn’t an English major in college, I would’ve never been promoted to my current position,” Spaulding said. “Other majors do not focus on writing, just on content, which handicaps people because so much of our communication is writing. I have worked with people for months without ever having a verbal conversation with them, and the only impression I have of them is how they write and vice versa. Because of my college education, I am able to make a much better impression than most of my peers.”

Spaulding continues to make a good impression, mostly because she never rests on her laurels. In 2015, she added an MS in criminal justice—also from CSU—to her résumé, and she has contemplated getting a PMBA from the University of South Carolina. Whatever her future holds, Spaulding knows that God will be listening to her even as she listens to Him.

“God has put me in positions that continue to challenge me and help me improve myself,” Spaulding said. “Each time I felt that I had learned everything that I could in my current job, another opportunity became available in the office. He has never allowed me to plateau and continues to give me opportunities that I never even knew existed.”

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