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New African American history course offered

Marketing and Communication // 12.20.17

Professor Damon Fordham has taught a variety of history courses at different colleges and universities throughout the Lowcountry. He also worked for a decade at the Avery Institute, a museum and archival repository for African American history and culture. Starting in the spring of 2018, Professor Fordham will teach a new class, never offered before at CSU, called “The African American Experience in South Carolina.”

The primary text for the course will be based on a book titled “Yes, Lord, I know the Road” written by J. Brent Morris.  “The major mission of the course,” says Fordham, “is to find untold stories.” 

Fordham’s hope is that the class will include blacks and whites.  He’ll also use material from two of the books he has written: “True Stories of Black South Carolina” and “Voices of Black South Carolina.”