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What do you treasure?

Marketing & Communication // 3.28.18

McKinionTo fully embrace the most important week of the year for Christians, international students and faculty started chapel by reading scripture in nine different languages.  Korean, Mandarin, Catalan, Italian, Afrikaans, Serbian, Spanish, Finnish and Hindi gave the student body a clear understanding of God’s message and reach beyond CSU’s campus. 

The guest speaker for the service was Dr. Steven McKinion, a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His son is a CSU student.

McKinion’s message was “What Do We Treasure?” Using the story of the rich, young ruler from Luke’s Gospel, McKinion illustrated that while the ruler wanted eternal life, he wasn’t willing to give up anything to get it.

“The greatest message of Easter is that God wants you to have life,” explained McKinion.  “Don’t let anything keep you from receiving what He wants to give you.”

McKinion revealed that his younger son, Harrison, almost died from cancer at a young age. He remembers while sitting in the hospital thinking, “I’d trade anything for my son’s life.”  Harrison survived and is cancer free.  

McKinion believes Easter is about what God treasures.  God sent Jesus not just to show us a way, but to be the way to eternal life.